We have over 150 employees at our offices in Edinburgh, London and New York. From our design and sourcing teams to our managers and administrators, each one of us plays an essential role in creating our unique range of products and the pioneering Hunter culture.

We nurture our employees throughout their careers at Hunter and are committed to developing their talents. We treat employees fairly and with respect, aiming to create an inclusive workplace where diversity is valued and creativity can flourish. We have clear policies in place that formalise our approach, covering areas such as equal opportunities, health and safety and flexible working.

To support career development, employees take part in regular performance reviews and various training opportunities. We offer one-year paid internships to help students and recent graduates begin their careers in the fashion industry, covering areas such as design, product development, public relations, marketing and merchandising.

Our employees receive a range of benefits such as performance bonuses, pension contributions, health and life insurance, subsidised gym membership, product discounts and childcare vouchers. We benchmark our remuneration against similar businesses and within Hunter, to confirm that our package is fair and competitive.

Being a responsible business is part of who we are and we want all our employees to feel engaged and to get involved. All staff members meet with our Corporate Responsibility Manager as part of their induction and are kept up to date on our progress via quarterly newsletters. Regular training for our sales, customer service, sourcing and product development teams throughout the year helps employees to understand our approach, apply our policies to their work, and communicate with customers, suppliers and others on responsible business issues.