Hunter products are made from high quality materials, using innovative design and production techniques. We are proud of our products and we work hard to ensure that the materials we use are sourced responsibly, with respect for human rights, animal welfare and the environment.


Our Wellington boots are crafted from latex rubber. This natural material is flexible and waterproof, providing the comfort and protection that Hunter is known for.

The rubber in our boots is sourced from plantations in Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand. These plantations provide the highest quality rubber and are near to our supplier factories, reducing carbon emissions from transport. They operate to high standards, respecting the natural environment, the rights of workers and local communities.

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We expect all companies throughout our supply chain to meet high ethical trading standards, from the cultivation of raw materials through to factory production and beyond. Often the risk of unethical practices is greater further down the supply chain. For this reason, although we do not have a direct commercial relationship with the plantations supplying our rubber, we do include them in our responsible sourcing programme, which includes visits from Hunter’s team and on-site third-party audits. Our audits check compliance with our Code of Conduct, which includes strict requirements on human rights and working conditions. We ensure that the rubber we use does not contribute to tropical deforestation or involve the use of slash-and-burn techniques or biocides. Please click here for more information on Ethical Trading.

Animal welfare

Some trims and materials used in our products are derived from animals, such as leather, down and wool. It is important to us that animals are always treated with respect and care. We have clear standards on animal welfare that our suppliers must follow. We do not use shearling from farms that practice mulesing, we have strict guidelines on the sourcing of down and we do not use any fur or angora in our products.

Restricted Substances

To prevent any undue risks to our customers, the workers in our supply chains and the environment, all manufacturing processes and finished products must comply with relevant chemical legislation in the countries where they are manufactured and sold.

All our suppliers are required to follow our Restricted Substances Standards, which meet or exceed international regulations. Each season, we ask our suppliers to confirm compliance against our standards for every product. These declarations of compliance contain detailed information on components used, supply routes and chemical test results. We also carry out our own chemical tests to verify the information provided by suppliers.

Knowledge about the effects of chemicals is constantly developing. We continually monitor new research and update our standards regularly, restricting any substances that could be harmful to people or the environment.