In his series, Feathers, artist Taylor Curry captures nature at its most delicate and unique.

Single feathers are documented against off-white offering a new perspective on something with which we are so familiar. Based in Savannah, Georgia, Taylor has an impressive portfolio of images with his focus on nature coming from his affection for nature programmes.

taylorcurry 1

“My original fascination with feathers stemmed from my youth and repeated exposure to Sir David Attenborough's BBC documentary series The Life Of Birds. It was from then I would say my obsession with photography later collided with the creation of Feathers.”

taylorcurry 2 3024x1320

Setting this project apart from other nature images, Taylor has used a technique called 'cliché verre', a system that predates cameras, to achieve these ethereal pictures. The process involves magnifying objects placed on a glass plate using a colour enlarger, which projects the images onto paper or film. Using this method is what allows Taylor to achieve such intricate detail. “These photographs are a camera-less exploration of the object as well as the medium of photography. The cliché verre, to me, is quite literally nature as the negative.”

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