We follow Neil Britto, a New York based lifestyle photographer, on his pioneering journey through the Pacific Northwest of America.

Neil’s expedition took him through the states of Washington, California and Oregon where breathtaking hikes along ancient, exposed trails give way to untamed rivers and silvery grey glaciers.

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From a rugged Pacific shoreline to dense forests and ice-capped peaks, the wilderness of Washington’s Olympic National Park is home to several distinct ecosystems; a challenging environment offset by astounding views.

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The Valley of the Giants, a 51-acre grove of ancient Douglas-fir trees, is located in a remote corner of the state of Oregon. Neil wears the re-engineered Balmoral Short Wellington Boot, a lightweight and durable design, handcrafted to handle the rough terrain.

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Hunter Field is a technical collection designed for outdoor performance in both rural and urban environments. The collection looks to the Hunter’s heritage of pioneering design to create advanced boots for excellence in all weathers and landscapes.

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