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Estudio Guardabosques is an Argentinian design studio, taking paper sculpting to a new and different level with their intricate, geometric birds.

The studio consists of Caro Silvero and Juan Elizalde, who show a brilliant playfulness in their sculpture, which started as a way to decorate a local work space.

12 EstudioGuardabosques 1

“We got carried away! We started researching in books and on the internet and found really amazing birds that we just had to make in paper. The collection continued growing, and it will keep growing as we have so many birds in our reference folders that we want to do.”

12 EstudioGuardabosques 2

Using blocks of colour, they perfectly capture the different characteristics of the species they focus on, using a complex series of processes in this interesting execution. “There are a lot of steps that could be removed if we just drew a bird instead, but that would take the fun out of it.”

“The colours are a great starting point, as we don't usually paint on paper, just draw the lines. Some bits may be designed on the computer but there’s always a point when you’re cutting and pasting, not watching the screen.”

12 EstudioGuardabosques 3

There’s a real skill and precision in these avian creations that captures the studio’s sense of fun, its technical skills and its enthusiasm for experimentation.

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